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Shire of the Shadowlands
Shire of the Shadowlands
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The Shadow Knows!

Check out the January Edition of The Shadow Knows.

What's up in the Shire?

For the latest information take a look at the calendar (on the left menu) for meetings and events.

New to the Shire?

For lots of good information about the shire see the Newcomers Edition of The Shadow Knows. Also a look at our newcomers information page

See Calendar for our regular activities.

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Share the Dream
in the current Middle Ages
with the Society for Creative Anachronism

We are a historical re-creation group that studies the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Recapturing the spirit of a bygone age, we study the grand arts, cuisine, fashion, weaponry, combat, science, and dance of these times.

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More info here, or send an email to

To learn more about our group here at Texas A&M join us at our:

You will need to make an attempt at period clothing (garb) at some point:

Advice and introduction for Newcomers can be found at the SCA's Resource and Information for Newcomers* page. Below are some of the recommended articles to read:

More information on the higher level of organization of the SCA: