The Shadow Knows

June A.S. XXXIV (A.D. 1999)

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The Shadow Knows

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The Shadow Notes


Welcome and congratulations to Victor duFresne, who is the new acting Seneschal, and will become the official Seneschal as soon as he attends a Reeve’s class.

At the present time, the only open officer positions are Herald, Rapier Marshal, and Archery Marshal. As these are all optional offices, the Shire is currently in good shape officerwise. (Huzzah!)

Lord Thomas grows weary of bringing his armor to town every Sunday, then not having anyone else attend fighter practice. Until further notice, fighter practice will be by appointment only. If you have armor and want to fight, contact Thomas.

Make plans now to attend the Ansteorran Twentieth Year Celebration. Outside of wars, this will be the largest event held by the Kingdom for many years. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it.

The Shadow Knows wishes to thank the candle which cast this Shadow.


Calendar of Events

June 1999

4-6 Kingdom Warlord - Bordermarch (Beaumont, TX)

11-13 Passa De Armes - Adlersruhe (Amarillo, TX)

Midsummer Faire - Gates Edge (Houston, TX)


14 Populace Meeting 7:00PM Rudder room TBA (Tentative)

18-20 King's College - Mooneschadowe (Stillwater, OK)

25-27 Eldern Tourney XXI - Eldern Hills (Lawton,OK)

Midsummer Ball - Lindenwood (Dallas, TX)

Populace Meeting 7:00PM Rudder room TBA (Tentative)


July 1999

2-4 4th of July Weekend

9-11 Ansteorra 20th Year and Coronation - Ansteorra (Canton, TX)


12 Populace Meeting 7:00PM Rudder room TBA (Tentative)

16-18 Open

23-25 Queen's Champion –TBA


26 Populace Meeting 7:00PM Rudder room TBA (Tentative)

30-1 Red Tape Eve



From the Knight Marshal


There will be no further practice until someone lets me know they are ready to fight! If people get to the point where they are ready to practice, let me know. We will work out a convenient time.

In (suspended) service,

Lord Thomas


From the Chronicler

Well, here’s this month’s Shadow, such as it is. If you have ever wondered what the newsletter would look like if nobody submitted anything, this is pretty much it. It is partly my fault, as I forgot to ask for officer reports in a timely manner. But no one offered me any art, articles, poetry, or anything else which I might have used to fill in the empty space. So I used an old school trick. If you have a fixed amount of space to fill, and not much to fill it with, just write really big.

I would like to thank Lord Thomas for sending an officer report, even with a short deadline. I guess he had extra time since he’s not at fighter practice…

I guess I can use the rest of this space to once again encourage everyone to attend ATYC. If you send in reservations before June 1st, site fee is only $8. After June 1st, site fee will be $10. Lady Jilleighanne and I are tentatively planning to arrive at ATYC early on Thursday morning. We will stake out as large a camping space for the Shadowlands as we can get away with.

Even writing big, I am running out of things to write. Somebody PLEASE submit something for next month’s Shadow!

In service,

Lord Padric

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