Officer Reports

From the Minister of Arts and Sciences
Greetings from the Shire of the Shadowlands

As Spring progresses, our Shire becomes more and more active in the Arts and
Sciences. The
following guilds are currently meeting:

Dance on Sunday nights on the A&M campus from 7 to 9 pm.
Acting Guild is meeting on the first, third adn fifth Mondays, at 7 pm in
the MSC on the A&M campus. They are currently in the process of choosing a
piece to begin working on.
Spinner's and Weavers has moved to Tuesday nights at Mistress Raisya's
starting at 7pm.
Garber's has moved to Wednesday nights at Lady Melissa's, call before Wednesday.

Until we have rooms on campus the following guilds are meeting by

Middle Eastern Dance - contact Abigail - there are currently 3 people who
are learning to dance on Thursday nights, but a second meeting time can be
set up until a larger space can be found.
Drumming - contact Diego

We had a Dance Demos on Sunday April 1 for the MSC OPAS Children's Day that
went very well. Several of the Dance guild members are working on forming a
demo team that will be able to perform more complex dances at demos. To
this end, the Dance guild will try to work on one or more new dances a
month, as well as learning flourishes.

There is also a possibility that the Shire may present an A&S Collegium in

In Service,

Abigail Pinel
Minister of Arts & Sciences
Shire of the Shadowlands

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