Officer Reports Cont.

From the Chronicler
Again, not much to report in the way of chronicler.  Any submissions for the Shadow would be greatly appreciated. 

In Service,
Melissa Broyles

From the Reeve
Well, here goes my last officer report. Kyle and I are moving in the middle
of April, so I guess it's about time to retire. As far as I know, the
Shadowlands is going to be reeve-less for a while until a replacement gets
all the paperwork sent in. I'll be giving all the records to Victor. If
anyone needs a check signed before April 13, I'll still be able to do it.
It's been great, y'all, and I'm going to miss all of you.

In Service,

From the Historian
Same historian report as always...nothing. Maybe I'll finish it by the
Shadowlands twenty-fifth year bash.


From the Archery Marshal
Well, we have managed to squeeze a few practices in between downpours. And we have newcomers shooting too (hooray)! Practices are in the process of being moved to the A&M archery range, which is hidden behind the west campus tennis courts. Practices are still on Saturday, assuming we are not all gone to an event. If anyone is interested in giving archery a try, we have plenty of loaner gear.

Lady Moreg Cochrane

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