Calendar of Events

December 2001
7-9                     Stargate Yule Revel - Stargate (Houston, TX)
                           Wiesenfeuer Yule Revel - Wiesenfeuer (Oklahoma City, OK)

14-16                 Dragonsfire Tor Yule Revel - DragonsFire Tor (Stephenville,TX)
                           Ffynnon Gath Yule Revel - Ffynnon Gath (San Marcos, TX)

21-23                  Open
                           (Tuesday 25th - Christmas Day)

28-30                  Tournament of the Golden Heart - La March Sauvage (McAllen, TX)
January 2002
4-6                      Steppes 12th Night - Steppes (Dallas, TX)
                           Westgate Winter Collegium - Westgate (Houston, TX)

11-13                  Coronation - TBA

18-20                  Siege of the Abbey - Seawinds (Corpus Christi, TX)
                           Academy of the Rapier - Emerald Keep (Waco, TX)
                           Bonwicke 12th Night - Bonwicke (Lubbock, TX)
                           Winter Kingdom - Northkeep (Tulsa, OK)
                           (21st - Martin Luther King Day)

25-27                 Queen's Champion - TBA
                           Ice Axe XXI - Middleford (Killeen/Ft. Hood/Cooperas Cover, TX)
February 2002
1-3                     Candlemas Feast - Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX) *PED*
                           Bards and Arts - Adlersruhe (Amarillo, TX)

8-10                    Northern Regional Tribute - Northern Region
                           Elfsea Baronial College - Elfsea (Ft Worth, TX)
                           Pestilence Ball - Gate's Edge (Northern Houston, TX)
                           (14th - Valentine's Day)

15-17                  Border Wars - Lindenwood - (Irving , TX)
                           Un Jour Dans La Vie Bis – Raven's Fort– (Huntsville, TX)
                           (18th - President's Day)

22-24                  Black Stag - La March Sauvage (McAllen, TX)
                           Mead Bee War III - Wiesenfeuer (Oklahoma City, OK)
                           Bjornsborg Spring Event - Bjornsborg (San Antonio, TX)
                           Pre-Gulf War A & S Champions Competition - TBA