Reports from the Last Meeting

Meeting Notes from 11-12-01

The meeting was held in Rudder Tower on the TAMU campus.

Officer's Reports were as follows:

Seneschal - Things are going well.

Marshals - Edric is working on becoming Heavy Marshal, Thomas is working on becoming Light Marshal.  Archery is happening on Saturdays at 10, call Moreg first to make sure that it hasn't been canceled for an event.  [Edric and Thomas were not in attendance, a more up to date report would be appreciated.]

Chronicler - Master Liu Ch'ang needs reports from all officers and would welcome any articles from the populace.  Officers and Guild Heads, please send him permission to put your name and contact information in the electronic version of the Shadow.

All Officer's reports are due on the 10th of each month, Lord Diego would like to see copies of them as well.

The student group has been official recognized by the University.

Reeve - Our paperwork is up to date.

Minister of Arts and Sciences - Please e-mail Melissa if you wish to start a new guild or see an old one become active again.

Guilds :
Acting - contact Diego with days/times that are good for you so he can set a regular meeting date.
Armorer's is by appointment with Krag, usually every other Wednesday.
Bardic is not currently active.
Brewer's is by appointment with Liu Ch'ang for those over 21.
Dance meets every Sunday night in the MSC at 7 pm.
Engineering is by appointment with Krag.
Fiber (Spinning/Weaving) is Tueday nights at 7 pm, contact Mistress Raisya or Lady Abigail for directions.
Gaming is by appointment with Lord Padric.
Garbers is Thurday nights at 8 and by appointment at Lady Melissa's.
Middle Eastern Dance and Drumming is by appointment with Digeo and Abigail.
Music is trying to get started, contact Rosalyn.
Scribes is by appointment with Padric.

Lady Melissa has the judging forms for Gulf Wars Performing and Static A&S.

Hearld - Leslie is getting submissions together.  At Kingdom A&S Shire members recieved the following awards:
Mike - AOA
Michael - AOA
Rosalyn - AOA
Henecey - Thistle, Costuming
Melissa - Thistle, Costuming

The following awards were given in a special court at TRF because the participants couldn't be at the Kingdom A&S Court
Katlya - AOA
Raebert - AOA

Hospitaler - Please contact Lady Henecy at least 3 days in advance of needing loaner garb so she can set a time to meet with you to go through the chest.  The Bryan/College Station Christmas parade is Dec. 2, the theme is "A Storybook Christmas."  Henecey will have a planning meeting at her house this Thursday (11-15) at 7 pm.  She's also working with Alexis to see if we can get the horse people to come join us.

Kingdom A&S was November 3 and it was a great event.  Everything ran beautifuly, and many compliments have been heard arround the Kingdom.  Many thanks to all who worked so hard to make it a success.

Rogue Fest is in the works now.  It looks like it will be the Saturday of Easter weekend (March 30) and just be a day long event.  Henecey is working on getting a site.

The Officer's Meeting will be November 26 (Monday after Thanksgiving) at Jillieghan's house.

Submitted in Service

Abigail Pinel