Officer Reports

From the Chronicler

Greetings from the Chronicler,

I need submissions for the Shadow Knows including covers, articles, and notes and challenges.

I would like, with the A&S Minister, to set up and A&S web page.  I will then feature an article from the web page in the Shadow.

In Service,
Master Jin Liu Ch'ang.

From the Seneschal

Shire of the Shadowlands
Seneschal's Report for 1/2002
Bryan/College Station, TX

Diego Quintana
mka Tim Scott

Note -  address are phone number are changing to:

How do I get this change updated in the Blackstar seneschal listings?  Email the Kingdom Chronicler?

Meetings:  As usual, we meet the 2nd Monday of every month on the A&M Campus, in the MSC building at 7pm.  The meeting room schedule screens will list the room number.  Officer's meeting is on the 4th Mondays, also at 7pm; likely to be at the Seneschal's residence.

Demos:  None.

Events:  None planned

Media:  No known recent coverage.

Problems:  No known problems.

Other:  A very quiet and peaceful month.

In Service,


From the Minister of Arts and Sciences

Greetings from the Shire of the Shadowlands

The following guilds are currently meeting:

Dance on Sunday nights on the A&M campus from 7 to 9 pm.

The dancing guild is now taking up donations for our CD fund so we may learn more dances and begin acquiring performance level music.  If you would like to donate, please contact Lady Melissa at 691-6444, or find the person with the collection jar at the meeting, or dance practice.
Spinner's and Weavers on Tuesday nights at Mistress Raisya's starting at 7pm, contact Raisya, Abigail or Hennecy if you need directions.
Garber's Thursday nights at 8pm at Lady Melissa's (691-6444).

The following guilds are meeting by appointment:

Acting Guild meets by appointment, at Abigail and Diego's home.  Please contact Diego for directions.
Middle Eastern Dance - contact Abigail - there are currently 3 people who are learning to dance on Thursday nights, but a second meeting time can be set up until a larger space can be found.
Drumming - contact Diego
Though I'm still finding it difficult to believe, I will be leaving this Shire at the end of the semester.  I'll be heading to the Shire of Vielburgen in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.  That's right, we are "unofficially" going to Ramstein, Germany when we graduate.  We haven't received our final orders yet, but that's where we'll be if nothing else goes wrong (knock on wood).  So, if anyone has requests for museums that have particular artifacts in them that you are interested in just let me know.  I've got a digital camera with lots of 'film' and I'm sure I'll be visiting all the museums I possibly can when we're over there.

 However, this does mean that several positions will be coming available in May/June.  Since I didn't want to wait till the last minute this time I thought I'd put out a notice to the list now.  I am currently the Minister of Arts and Sciences, Dance Guild Mistress, and Garbers Guild coordinator.  So, if you are interested in becoming one of these please let me know.  To be Minister of Arts and Sciences you must be a paying member of the SCA, but its really not that expensive (plus you get discounts to events like Gulf Wars, so it almost pays for itself).  The other two positions are Shire level and do not require membership.  If you are interested in any or all of these let me know so the process of switching over can begin.  In the case that there are multiple people interested I believe it is up to the regional to decide.  Anyhow, I need to "apprentice" someone or something by the end of April, around the 29th (I really want to stay Dance Guild head till at least this date so I can bring back all the cool new dances I plan to learn at Gulf Wars).  So you see its not an immediate thing, but it is somewhat imminent.  I'll bring this up again at the next populace meeting.

In Service,
Lady Melissa

From the Archery Marshal

Archery is Saturdays at 2pm for the duration of colder weather.  No practice for the rest of January, as I will be out of town for SCA and mundane
purposes.  See you in February!

In service,

Meetings Notes

Meeting Notes from 01-14-02 (revised as per notes on list server by chronicler)

The meeting was held in Rudder Tower on the TAMU campus.

Officer's Reports were as follows -

Seneschal - No news.

Marshals - Eadric is working on becoming Heavy Marshal, he just needs to be authorized.  He is current traveling to Raven's Fort and Stargate to attend their practices, contact him if you are interested..  Archery is Saturdays at 2pm for the duration of colder weather.  No practice
for the rest of January, as I will be out of town for SCA and mundane purposes.  See you in February!

Chronicler - Master Liu Ch'ang needs reports from all officers and would welcome any articles from the populace.  Officers and Guild Heads, please send him permission to put your name and contact information in the electronic version of the Shadow.

All Officer's reports are due on the 10th of each month, Lord Diego would like to see copies of them as well.

Minister of Arts and Sciences - please e-mail Melissa if you wish to start a new guild or see an old one become active again.  Lady Melissa has
the judging forms for Gulf Wars Performing and Static A&S.  The selection of the A&S Champions for Gulf War will happen at Candlemas in Bryn Gwylad on Feb. 2.

Guilds -
Acting - contact Diego with days/times that are good for you so he can set a regular meeting date.
Armorer's is by appointment with Krag, usually every other Wednesday.
Bardic is not currently active.
Brewer's is by appointment with Liu Ch'ang for those over 21.
Dance meets every Sunday night in the MSC at 7 pm.
Engineering is by appointment with Krag.
Fiber (Spinning/Weaving) is Tueday nights at 7 pm, contact Mistress Raisya or Lady Abigail for directions, it will not happen on 1-15.  We may move the meeting day from Tuesday to Thursday, but will let the populace know if we do so.
Gaming is by appointment with Lord Padric.
Garbers is Thurday nights at 7 and by appointment at Lady Melissa's.
Middle Eastern Dance and Drumming is by appointment with Digeo and Abigail.
Music is trying to get started, contact Rosalyn.
Scribes is by appointment with Padric.

Hearld - Leslie has submissions that will go in the mail as soon as she gets a check.

Hospitaler - Please contact Lady Henecy at least 3 days in advance of needing loaner garb so she can set a time to meet with you to go through the chest.

The Officer's Meeting will be January 28 at Jillieghan's house, Diego will not be there, he will be out of town.

The next Populace Meeting will be February 11.

Submitted in Service

Abigail Pinel