Officer Reports

From the Chronicler

Greetings from the Chronicler,

I need submissions for the Shadow Knows including covers, articles, and notes and challenges.

I would like, with the A&S Minister, to set up and A&S web page.  I will then feature an article from the web page in the Shadow.

In Service,
Master Jin Liu Ch'ang.

From the Seneschal

Shire of the Shadowlands

Seneschal's Report for 3/2002
Bryan/College Station, TX

Diego Quintana

Since our MOAS will resign in May, a search for her replacement is underway.

We meet the 2nd Monday of every month on the A&M Campus, in the MSC building at 7pm.  The meeting room schedule screens will list the room number.
Officer's meeting is on the 4th Mondays, at 7:30pm; currently at the seneschal's house.

We had a demo for the AggieCon RPG conference.  We danced and fought.

We submitted a bid for King's College in June.

No known recent coverage.



In Service,


From the Minister of Arts and Sciences

Greetings from the Shire of the Shadowlands

I will be graduating next month and my husband will be stationed in Biloxi, MS then Rammstein, Germany.  So, I will be stepping down in May.  We have been announcing this at the populace meetings and on the list for at least a month and a half now.  Apply if you would like this position.

The following guilds are currently meeting:
Dance on Sunday nights on the A&M campus from 7 to 9 pm.
The dancing guild is now taking up donations for our CD fund so we may learn more dances and begin acquiring performance level music.  If you would like to donate, please contact Lady Melissa or find the person with the collection jar at the meeting, or dance practice.
Spinner's and Weavers on Tuesday nights at Mistress Raisya's starting at 7pm, contact Raisya, Abigail or Hennecy if you need directions.
Garber's Thursday nights at 7pm at Lady Melissa's

The following guilds are meeting by appointment:
Acting Guild meets by appointment, at Abigail and Diego's home. Please contact Diego for directions.
Middle Eastern Dance - contact Abigail - there are currently 3 people who are learning to dance on Thursday nights, but a second meeting time can be set up until a larger space can be found.
Drumming - contact Diego

We did a demo for AggieCon this month that consisted of dancing and fighting.  It went fairly well though I don't believe we got any new members
from it.

In Service,
Lady Melissa

From the Knight Marshall

Reporting Month: March Region: Southern

Number of Fighter Practices: 0     Number of other Fighting Events: 0

Injuries __X___ Yes ______ No If yes explain briefly type and probable cause.
HL Krag von Berghen was injured at Gulf Wars. I have not seen the injury myself as I did not attend Gulf Wars, however Krag told me that he took an unpadded glaive to the wrist and had his 16 ga stainless vambrace caved in. The edge of the vambrace dug into his skin and caused a marble sized blood blister, which shortly after went away. He still has pain in his wrist and has seen a doctor and I have not talked to him since then.

Special Events (drills, traveling practice, etc): Traveling to Ravenís Fort or Mini-Tourny/Practice 3/24/02

This area is for questions or comments that you might have:
We are awaiting the schedule of interested fighters to set a day/time for fighter practice. Until then I will be traveling to Ravenís Fort practices when my schedule allows and taking appointments with interested fighters. I currently know of 3 authorized fighters in the Shire and in the process of getting information from them for a fighter roster. We have 4 potential new fighters with 2 expressing much interest and actually working on making some armor for themselves with myself and another armourer in the shire. I am planning on getting some loaner armor made/bought for the shire this summer as well as working with the new fighters.

Edric de Aldebury (Jeffrey Watson)

From the Herald

Sorry I haven't sent a report in awhile.  I just haven't thought about it.
Anyway I sent in 3 submissions last month.  One was my name, which will be Catarina di Foscari. The other two belonged to Edric.  One was his name and the was his device.  Also, at the last officer's meeting I announced that I will now have a deputy herald, Dante, to help me out.  I also helped Melissa try and arrange her device and she is now working on perfecting it before handing it over to me.  She is also searching for a name.  So the herald has been really busy.

In Service,

Catarina di Foscari

Meetings Notes