Officer Reports

From the Chronicler

Greetings from the Chronicler,

I need submissions for the Shadow Knows including covers, articles, and notes and challenges.

I would like, with the A&S Minister, to set up and A&S web page.  I will then feature an article from the web page in the Shadow.

In Service,
Master Jin Liu Ch'ang.

From the Seneschal

Shire of the Shadowlands

Seneschal's Report for 3/2002
Bryan/College Station, TX

Diego Quintana

Since our MOAS will resign in May, a search for her replacement is underway.

We meet the 2nd Monday of every month on the A&M Campus, in the MSC building at 7pm.  The meeting room schedule screens will list the room number.
Officer's meeting is on the 4th Mondays, at 7:30pm; currently at the seneschal's house.

We had a demo for the AggieCon RPG conference.  We danced and fought.

We submitted a bid for King's College in June.

No known recent coverage.



In Service,


From the Minister of Arts and Sciences

From the Minister of Arts and Sciences
Greetings from the Shire of the Shadowlands

With summer coming in and finals, we're getting less active as the students get ready to head home for the summer.

These guilds are currently meeting:

Dance on Sunday nights on the A&M campus from 7 to 9 PM.
The dancing guild is now taking up donations for the CD fund so they may learn more dances and begin acquiring performance level music.  If you would like to donate, please contact Anna, or find the person with the collection jar at the meeting, or dance practice.

Spinner's and Weavers has a slight schedule change for the time being, it will not be meeting on weeks where there is a populace or officers meeting.  Otherwise it continues to meet on Tuesday nights, at Mistress Raisya's starting at 7pm, contact Raisya, Abigail or Hennecy if you need directions.

The following guilds are meeting by appointment:
Acting Guild meets by appointment, at Abigail and Diego's home.    Please contact Diego for directions.

Middle Eastern Dance - contact Abigail - there are currently 3 people who are learning to dance on Thursday nights, but a second meeting time can be set up until a larger space can be found.

Drumming - contact Diego

    The dance guild hosts a ball on the last weekend of the month.
    Everyone brings a pot luck dish and comes in garb.

In Service,

Lady Marissa
Minister of Arts & Sciences
Shire of the Shadowlands

From the Knight Marshall

From the Herald


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