Officer Reports

From the Chronicler

Greetings from the Chronicler,

I need submissions for the Shadow Knows including covers, articles, and notes and challenges.  I also need a deputy to train up to take over for me.  I have been very busy at work and that combined with health problems has caused me to do a less than adequate job as chronicler.  Any potential candidate should realize that there is actually more work involved than they think and any failures to do the job is extremely noticeable.

I would like, with the A&S Minister, to set up and A&S web page.  I will then feature an article from the web page in the Shadow.

In Service,
Master Jin Liu Ch'ang.

From the Seneschal

Shire of the Shadowlands

Seneschal's Report for 6/2002
Bryan/College Station, TX

Diego Quintana


Our Chronicler is looking for a deputy.


We meet the 2nd Monday of every month on the A&M Campus, in the MSC building
at 7pm.  The meeting room schedule screens will list the room number.
Officer's meeting is on the 4th Mondays, at 7:30pm; currently at the
seneschal's house.


None scheduled.


We are planning a Shadowland's 25th year event, Aug 3rd.


No known recent coverage.



In Service,

From the Minister of Arts and Sciences

From the Minister of Arts and Sciences

Greetings Shadowlanders

As I couldn't make the populace meeting, I felt I should send out this months guild schedule.
The guild meeting times for the various guilds this month are as follows.

Tuesday nights from 7 to 9 is Spinning and Weaving guild at Raisya's, please contact Abby or myself for directions. please note Spinning and Weaving guild does not meet on weeks when we have Populace or Officers meeting.

Melissa having moved to Germany, Anna, one of the regulars has agreed to take over Dance guild. It will continue on Sunday nights at the A&M campus but will be starting at 6 o'clock now

Thursday nights Garbers Guild will alternate Thursdays with Service guild at Henecey's house, please contact Henecey or myself if you are interested in either guild.

Also on Thursday nights, Krag will be holding Engineering guild and alternating it with Armorers, contact him if you are interested in either of these guilds.

And Anna (not the Anna taking over Dance guild) is trying to start up a Music/Bardic guild, please get a hold of her or me if you are interested.

Note: I have also received word from my regional that because the crowns want Crown Tourney to be held on the first weekend of November that Laurel's prize Tourney has been moved from the first week in November to October 5.

In Service.
Marissa, Minister of Arts & Science.