Officer Reports

From the Chronicler

Greetings from the Chronicler,

I need submissions for the Shadow Knows including covers, articles, and notes and challenges.  If you are active in a guild, please check the list and notify me by e-mail ( if changes are needed.

In Service,
Abigail Pinel

From the Seneschal

No Report Received


From the Minister of Arts and Sciences

  No Report Received

From the Rapier Marshal


Our Rapier Combat is beginning to show promise of growth. We have had three new people show up to the last two practices, and about another five express interest. I have added another day of practice to our schedule, for those who cannot make it one of the two days, as well as for those who want extra opportunities to practice. I believe that two practices a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays will help accelerate learning for the newcomers as well as hone the skills of the older fighters. I am looking forward to all those interested in rapier combat to begin to regularly show up to practice. If we begin to have a good number of fighters regularly show up I will try to get others to come and help teach and have some clinics for our fighters. Also I would like to see us begin to have mini-rapier events and bring other groups down and have some fun one day events. I am hopeful that we can cultivate a large fighter corps for the Shadowlands, and sweep into Gulf Wars with a line of blue, black, and gold.

In Service,

Darien Wylde


From the Reeve


Reeve: we have money -- if you need re-imbursement checks, get me receipts

Historian: no new news but then it is all old news anyway

Librarian: have lots of books & nobody to read them -- contact me for directions to it (it's in my closet at home)


From the Herald


Not much going on in the office of herald at the moment. I'm getting around to sketching Lady Abigail's badge of the flaming lady bug (cute, no?).  Anyone who is interested in getting an SCA name can contact me at Anyone who is interested in registering a badge or a device and is a paid member contact me at the same address and I will be more than happy to help you. That's pretty much it for this month.

In Service to the Dream,

Catarina di Foscari



From the Hospitlaer

No Report Recieved



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