Officer Reports

From the Chronicler

Greetings from the Chronicler,

I need submissions for the Shadow Knows including covers, articles, and notes and challenges.  If you are active in a guild, please check the list and notify me by e-mail ( if changes are needed.

I would like to begin including event reports for events our Shire has attended, especially if one of us does something of note, like winning a championship or receiving an award.  If you have an event report, or even a note of a group of Shadowlanders attending an event, please e-mail it to me at

In Service,
Abigail Pinel

From the Seneschal

Not a lot happened this month.  We do have several offices open and it is time that some of them get filled.

If this seems to be a subtle hint, my apologies. VOLUNTEER and help support the Shire or it will soon wither away.



From the Minister of Arts and Sciences

No Report Received

From the Rapier Marshal

It's been a good month for some of our fighters, two went out and got authorized to play in the real game.

Although the attendance has been down a bit we still manage to get some really good fights in on Thursdays.

By the way we are starting even earlier to get the most out of our practices. Hope to see you there at six o'clock Thursdays at Bee Creek park.



From the Archery Marshal

No Report Received

From the Reeve

Reeve: I still need a replacement... & all signatories on the acct at the bank (which I think is just Thomas & me) need to send membership cards etc. to my regional ASAP by December 31st...she also wants a list of shire stuff before then too

Historian/Librarian/Archivist: still have this office but if anybody else wants it...let me know


From the Herald

No Report Received

From the Hospitlaer

No Report Received

Guild Head Reports

From the Metalworking Guild


From the Scribe's Guild


From the Garber's Guild


From the Fiber Guild

The Fiber Guild is meeting Wednesday night at 7:30 at Abigail and Diego's house.  Contact Abigail or Raisya for directions. 

Any one is welcome to come, all you need is an interest in something fiber related.  We have supplies to teach spinning, weaving, knitting and needlework, and are happy to learn new crafts as well. 

In Service

Abigail Pinel

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