Guild Meeting Time Meeting Place Principal
  SCA Name
 Mundane Name
e-mail address
Armory Friday evenings  HL Krag HL Krag Donny Halter
Fiber Arts By Appointment Lady Abigail's Lady Abigail Pinel Andi Scott
Brewing and Vinting By Appointment Master Jin Liu Ch'ang Jin Liu Ch'ang Norman White
Engineer  Friday evenings See HL Krag HL Krag Donny Halter
Gaming By Appointment   Lord Padric Pat Mullins
Garbers Friday evenings Lady Hennecy Lady Hennecy Hennecy 
Drumming By Appointment Lord Diego's Lord Diego Tim Scott
Belly Dancing not currently meeting 
Scribe's Odd Mondays Lord Padric's Lord Padric Pat Mullins
Bardic Thursday 6 pm Bee Creek Park Lord Padric Pat Mullins
Dancing Sun. 7:00-9:00PM MSC Lady Isabelot Anna Lichorad
Stonecarving By Appointment Lord Diego's Lord Diego Tim Scott
Theater 5:30 Tuesday Cain Park Candice

Combat Arts

Check with the Knight Marshall for Chivalric Combat.

Archery meets Saturdays at Austin's Colony Park, contact Moreg for times and directions.

Rapier meets Thursdays, 7 pm in Bee Creek Park, contact Thomas ( for directions.

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