Officer Reports

From the Chronicler

Greetings from the Chronicler,

I need submissions for the Shadow Knows including covers, articles, and notes and challenges.  If you are active in a guild, please check the list and notify me by e-mail ( if changes are needed.

I would like to begin including event reports for events our Shire has attended, especially if one of us does something of note, like winning a championship or receiving an award.  If you have an event report, or even a note of a group of Shadowlanders attending an event, please e-mail it to me at

In Service,
Abigail Pinel

From the Seneschal

No Report Received

From the Knight Marshall


My name is Rhodri ap Gwythyr and I am the new Marshall for Shadowlands. I have just recently joined the Shadowlands.  My email address is

We will continue holding chivalric practice on Thursday nights at Bee Creek Park with the rapier folks.  If you are interested in learning to fight or marshall this activity please come out and have fun with us.  I will NOT be at practice on February 2 as I will be out of town.  Practice will resume as normal on the 9th.

Loaner armor is in progress.  Many thanks to Krag and all the folks who came out to Krag's last Friday to work on the loaner armor.  All the metal pieces we need were prepared and we are now gathering the leather and padding needed to finish the armor.  The next loaner armor workshop will be on Friday, February 10th.  Hopefully we can complete all three sets and begin having loaner armor available at every practice.

In January so far I have attended two fighter practices.  At both of these I was the only chivalric fighter present.  If you are interested please come out and learn.  I have been having fun at this for many years and am more than willing to train people to become great chivalric fighters.

In service


From the Minister of Arts and Sciences

No Report Received

From the Rapier Marshal

No Report Received

From the Archery Marshal

No Report Received

From the Reeve

No Report Received

From the Herald

No Report Received

From the Hospitlaer

No Report Received

From the Historian

No Report Received

Guild Head Reports

From the Bardic Guild


From the Fiber Guild

The Fiber Guild currently on hold.  I will try to get a work day/work night set up in the next month or so.  I'll e-mail the list when I have a date and time.

In Service

Abigail Pinel

From the Theater Guild


From the Metalworking Guild


From the Scribe's Guild


From the Garber's Guild

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