Bardic Corner

The Ballad of Ulsted the Unsteady
By Lord Padric O'Mullan

People, let me tell you 'bout the knight Ulsted:
He's earned a lot of honors, but they don't go to his head,
One day, while he was out earning fame and great renown,
Sir Ulsted the Unsteady won the Ansteorran Crown!

Royal, that is!

Well the next thing that you know Ulsted's upon the throne,
His lady wife Cateau, she got a title of her own.
A lady of such grace the Knowne Worlde has seldom seen;
Cateau D'Ardennes became the Ansteorran Queen.

Fancy chairs,
Big brass Hats.

Then Ulsted sought to prove that it wasn't just a fluke,
So he won again, that's how he became a Duke.
Then somebody told him that the third time was the hardest,
So he won another Crown to make a Queen of Ebergardis!

One King, two Roses,
That's a bouquet!

Well, thank you all for listening; my song is nearly done,
I hope it wasn't boring, and I hope you had some fun.
But even if you didn't, then I hope you learned one thing:
For Ulsted the Unsteady it's good to be the King!

Long Live the King!
Bye Bye Now!

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