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From the Seneschal

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From the Knight Marshall

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From the Rapier Marshal

Greetings Shadowlanders!

As your new local rapier marshal, I am pleased to announce that regular fighter practices will resume at 7:00 p.m. on Thursdays outside of the varsity tennis courts on Texas A&M University's west campus, Starting on July 19th. There will be no practice on Thursday, August 9th as I will be attending Pennsic War.

Additionally, rapier fighting will be available along with chivalric combat at the round robin fighter practice we are hosting at noon on Sunday, July 13th at Oaks Park. Be a good host to our guests and bring a dish for a picnic style meal. Contact the Seneschal to find out what kind of food is still needed.

Why should you come out and fight, you ask? Not only are swords are shiny and fun to play with, but they also make an impressive and flashy display when properly wielded in front of, or even against, your friends.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving the quality of rapier activities within the Shire, or if you are interested in becoming a deputy, please let me know.

Be safe and have fun!

Diederic Andrieszen

From the Chronicler


Please continue to submit art work and articles for inclusion in this newsletter; with out your submissions, this is a very short, rather dry, publication.

On that note, Bastain has set up an email account for the chronicler's office:

This should solve the problems that have come from my e-mail.

Thanks to our wonderful v-scribe, this newsletter will now be on the website. For the moment, this will be the main medium for publication, with hard copies available upon request.

Elizabeth Somerset

From the Minister of Arts and Sciences

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From the Archery Marshal

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