Shadowlands Populace Minutes

7:00 p.m. July 9, 2007 at the Memorial Student Center
10 adults present

I. Officer Reports

A. For the Seneschal - Mistress Kaitlyn

1. Lord Bastian's term as Seneschal concludes in January. Anyone interested in succeeding him should contact him about becoming a deputy.

2. Today is the last day to turn in applications for the Herald position.

B. For the Knight Marshal - Mistress Kaitlyn

1. Fighter practice is held weekly at 4:00 p.m. on Sundays at Oak Park on Harvey Road across from Ozona. The recent rain has significantly increased the mosquito population, so insect repellant is highly recommended.

2. Instead of the usual fighter practice this Sunday, the 15th, we will be hosting the round robin fighter practice starting at noon. We will take a break at 2:00 for food. Please contact Lord Bastian to sign up for bringing a picnic style food dish.

C. Treasurer - Malka

1. Warranted officers need to take the financial policy class in order to be on the financial committee. The class will be offered at King's Round Table this weekend.

2. Signatories will be updated this week.

D. Hospitaler - Solange

1. MSC Open House is coming up on Sunday, September 2nd. We will have some space for a demonstration but do not know yet about Simpson Drill Field. We will need advertising materials for both before and during the demonstration. An in depth planning meeting will follow next month's Populace meeting.

2. The possibility of an Aggie Nights demonstration is being explored.

3. Anyone interested in organizing, hosting, or contributing to newcomer seminars should contact me.

E. Chronicler - Elizabeth

1. I send many thanks to our virtual scribe, Catan, for updates to the web site.

2. The new deadline for submissions to the monthly newsletter is the Friday following Populace meetings. The newsletter will be posted electronically on the web site. Hard copies will be available upon request.

II. Event Autocrat Reports

A. King's Round Table (July 14th) - Mistress Kaitlyn

1. The building will be unlocked at 7:00 a.m. Please be there 15 minutes early to help set up, and bring coffee pots if you can.

2. The new class schedule with room numbers will be posted on the web site.

3. Please contact Lord Bastian to indicate what times you will be available for volunteer tasks.

B. Shadowlands' 3rd 10th Year Celebration (Sept 21-23) - Mistress Kaitlyn

1. Last month's planning meeting was quite productive. We still need volunteers to take charge of certain activities and assist in other areas. See the volunteer list is posted in the files section of the yahoo group for details.

2. The next planning meeting will be 7:30 Monday, July 23rd at my house. Contact me if you need directions.

C. Defenders of the Rose (Nov 9-11) - Lady Isabelot

1. Our site contract is still pending.

2. We will need volunteers to assist with various tasks. Stay tuned for signups.

III. Miscellaneous Notes

1. We still need an autocrat for our April event (11th - 13th). Please contact Lord Bastian if you are interested.

2. We have a new King and Queen as of coronation last weekend. Please submit award recommendations for members of the Shire who you think are deserving of one. The forms are available on the kingdom website.

3. Iacobbo will be taking the herald warranting class at Round Table, and will be available for consultations soon. Please try to get your consultations out of the way before we receive an influx of newcomers with the Fall semester.

4. The next Populace meeting will be 7:00 p.m. Monday, August 13th in the Memorial Student Center second floor lounge area above the hotel reception desk.

Populace meeting notes were recorded by Diederic Andrieszen. Please contact the Chronicler, Elizabeth Somerset, if you have any additions or corrections.

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