Shadowlands Populace Meeting
7:30 p.m. December 6, 2007 at Wehner

Officer Reports

A. Seneschal - Lord Bastian Eisengart

1. Bastian thanked all who helped this year. The group put on 3 events, as well as demos and regional fighter practices. Bastian encouraged everyone to keep up the good work.

2. Bastian’s term will expire at the end of January. Anyone interested in applying should have applications in by the end of December. Applications should be sent to the Southern Regional Seneschal, as well as a courtesy copy to Bastian.

3. Bastian asked that anyone who will be needing a room on campus for an SCA activity in the spring semester e-mail him so that he can send the paperwork into the university.
4. If the group wants to have A&S nights on Wednesdays, please e-mail Bastian and tell him what you would like to see scheduled on those days.

B. Rapier Marshal - Diederic Andrieszen

1. There will be no practice on December the 13th.

2. $100 dollars was raised by the fighters to buy new equipment after the financial committee had voted at the October meeting to match their amount raised. Diederic bought one mask, 2 full epee rigs, and 2 spare epee blades for the Shire for a total of $165.

C. Web Minister - Lady Catan Ingen Michil

1. If you have something to put on the calendar, please send that information to the web minister. This includes cancellations.

D. Hospitaler - Lady Solange Sarrazin

1. The group will not be having a demo at Spring Open House this year, though there will be a demo in conjunction with Aggie-Con on March 28-31. Aggie-Con is the only demo currently planned for this spring.

E. Knight Marshal - Sir Rhodri ap Gwythyr

1. No chivalric fighter practice though December due to the holidays. Practices will resume on January 6.

F. Chronicler - Lady Elizabeth Somerset

1. Elizabeth thanked everyone who had sent her articles for the newsletter in the past year, and encourages everyone to continue to do so. Elizabeth also gave special thanks to Rhodri for sending his December report in early.

New Business

A. January Schedule

1. January Populace meeting will be at the normal date and time, but due to the holiday break, it will be held at a new location TBA.

2. Archery will be starting on the 3rd Sunday in January at 2:00 p.m. at Austin’s Colony Park.

3. Middle Eastern drumming and dancing will resume at Lilie Rose’s on January 16th.

4. Dance practice to TBA after the schedule for the rooms at A&M is confirmed.

B. Shadowlands upcoming event - April 11-13

1. The leading proposal for the event is a “siege” theme, aka an SCA lock-in. It would start later in the afternoon, and go until the next morning. Dancing, bardic and classes would be on the schedule, and possibly two “quests” including a scavenger hunt and a “who-done-it” murder mystery.

2. Populace members were encouraged to look for an event site. As an indoor event it needs a large, empty space. A big kitchen, and a “wet” site is preferred. An ideal site for the event budget would be $350 or less.

3. The budget proposed for this event was $900. Site fee was listed at $12, with a side board and a breakfast feast included. This budget has the breakeven point at 75 people.

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