Officer Reports

From the Seneschal

Another year has entered its twilight, and I want to congratulate everyone who came out and helped with the 3 events, we have received a slew of compliments, and they couldn't have happened without you. I am very proud of all the work and accomplishments made by our shire members.

In business news, my tenure as Seneschal is rapidly drawing to a close. Applications for my position are currently being accepted, and the position will remain open until filled (we MUST have a Seneschal, or we can not be a group). My official step down date is January 18th. If you seek to apply, please have your application in by the end of December, in order to give the regional officer time to make her decision. The process for application is simple, go to and download the "Application for Office." It's the first link in the first column in the table. Fill this out, and send a copy to myself (as a courtesy) and to the Southern Regional Seneschal, you'll want to include a copy of your current membership card. You can snail-mail, or scan and e-mail it. In your application, make sure you include why you want the position, your qualifications, time availability, and anything else that you think will make your application stand out. If you are snail mailing your form in, you will probably want to e-mail this information as well. The southern regional seneschal's e-mail address is, and of course mine is Again, send a copy to both.

Planning has begun on our event the weekend of April 11-13th. We will be holding an old-fashioned lock-in, better known as a siege. This will be an all night event for dancing, gaming, drumming, music, arts, and all the other distractions people may have filled the long idyll hours of being besieged by. We need to find a site, ASAP, so everybody wrack their brains for an indoor site with a big open room and a kitchen.

Keep up the good work everybody.

Lord Bastian Eisengart

From the Chronicler

I would like to thank every one who has sent me things to include in this newsletter over this past year, as well as all those who will do so in the future. With out the content you send me this newsletter wouldnít be here.

I am always looking for new articles to print, but I have a particular need for cover art. It can be a drawing or photograph, as long as itís relevant to Shadowlands or the SCA in general. Last year the Black Star had a series of covers that where group photos that I thought turned out very well. When you give me a copy of your cover art (or any article for print) be sure to get and fill out the Publication Permission form. I try to have these on hand, but if I donít have one that day, I can send you a copy. I HAVE to have these to be able to publish.

In service,

Elizabeth Somerset

From the Knight Marshall

We have hit the slow part of the year for fighter practices.

There will be a holiday break in fighter practice with our last official practice of the year being December 16. Practice will resume on January 6.

My thanks to Bastian, Juan Francisco, and Mary Anne who came over to help repair and work on loaner armor and weapons. Due to the hard use this gear gets it needs refurbishing every few months.

I encourage everyone to participate in other activities of the shire. The SCA is not just about fighting but about learning and experiencing many different aspects of re-creating history. Besides, it is a lot of fun. Dance, music, drumming, making clothes, even working on armor are all chances to have fun and learn more about the SCA and what we do.

In service


From the Rapier Marshal

Fellow Shadowlanders,

There WILL NOT be a rapier fighter practice on December 13th as I will be out of town. There WILL be fighter practice on December 20th and 27th at 7:00 PM outside the varsity tennis courts on west campus. There may or may not be a practice on January 3rd, depending on the time and location which is yet to be announced for the Populace meeting. Practice will continue as usual for the remaining Thursdays in January.

Clear before closing!

Diederic Andrieszen

From the Minister of Arts and Sciences

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From the Reeve

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From the Hospitlaer

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From the Web Minister

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From the Herald

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