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If you have any thing you would like to see included in this publication, please send it to me. We have a new regular section; the Southern Regional Herald has begun sending various articles about different aspects of heraldry to all the chroniclers in her region to include in their newsletters.

Populace Minutes

Officer’s Reports:

Hospitaler – Open House on Sunday the 31st, set up starts at 11am, tear-down at 6pm. Will have a newcomers informational meeting sometime later that week.

Treasurer - ~$53 earned from volunteer hours at Gulf War has arrived. ‘09 budget needs approved, send any ideas for changes to me, or bring them up at the financial committee meeting.

Web– Kingdom Web Minster position opening, send in applications if you would like the office. Also, will be needing Regionals for the Web Minster’s office.

Rapier – Had lower numbers during summer, expects things to pick back up after the semester starts. Word fame to Stephen Crowley for winning Queen’s Champion.
Both Chivalric and Rapier moved to Thursdays at Simpson Drill Field at least until daylight savings time to try to improve visibility during the first few weeks of school.

Archery – Sundays at 1pm at Austin's Colony Park. Archers should make an attempt to come shoot at Royal Huntsman at Raven’s Fort.

Dance – 7 pm on Sundays in the MSC. Parking at Cain free on weekend nights.

Seneschal - No update yet on the shire’s bid for winter Crown Tourney. Date for Roses’ under evaluation Lily Rose has put in an application for Shire Herald, no word yet. A&S nights being planned, look for updates over the newsgroup as they get set. Elizabeth Somerset

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