Populace Minutes

Taken by Lady Catan ingen Míchíl

September '08 Populace: Minutes

A lot of newcomers were present, so Juan had us introduce ourselves and give a quick state-of-the-office report. We made it a quick meeting so we could get back to our regularly scheduled fighter practice.
Rapier Marshal: Diederic Andrieszen introduced himself. Rapier practice has been light over the summer, but we hope to have more show up since school has started.
Chivalric Marshal: Rhodri ap Gwythyr introduced himself. Chivalric practice has been light over the summer, but we hope to have more show up since school has started.
Treasurer: Catan ingen Míchíl introduced herself. The monies from our work at Gulf Wars have been deposited. It was about $50. Hopefully we can get more people to work next year.
Virtual Scribe: Catan continued reporting. The calendars on our web page and our Yahoo! Group are constantly being updated. If you need any meetings posted let me know. I’ll try to keep up with all the new meetings that are getting started this semester.
Herald: Lilie Rose Sinclair has been named our new herald. She will be available soon for helping you research and register your name and device.
Hospitaler: not present
Archery Marshal: Bastian Eisengart introduced himself. Archery practice is held on Sunday at 1pm out at Austin’s Colony Park off the Booneville exit (of HW6) behind the Premier Cinema. If anyone needs a ride, email Bastian and he will help you make arrangements.
Seneschal: Juan Francisco Aranzazu Ramirez introduced himself. Bids are still out for the events we wish to host for the crown. He will keep us informed.
The Financial Committee also met to discuss allowing loner equipment to be used at events. Those present: Juan, Catan, Diederick, Rhodri, Lilie (non-voting), Bastian (non-voting). Catan requested that rapier masks be available for use at the archery competitions (non-contact, armored portion of the competition) at the events this month. Bastian asked that the loner bows (2) and arrows be available for use for the archery competitions at the events this month. Diederic asked that the rapier equipment be available for use for the shire folk who are competing in the rapier tournaments at the events this month. All requests were granted.

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