Populace Minutes

Taken by Lady Catan ingen Míchíl

November '08 Populace: Minutes


  • Need a deputy, been doing the job for too long already
  • Thank you to everyone who came to the Candlelighter's Demo. 18 showed up from Shadowlands. There were pictures of us on their website, so we got some extra exposure
  • Kaitlyn has been contacted by Alex's school about doing a dance demo for the 3rd graders, it will be some Friday afternoon (probably Dec 5). She will need at least 3 others to attend to be able to show the kids the dances
  • We discussed having another demo on campus to remind everyone that we're here. We need to check out the rules for setting up a table on campus


  • Isabelot and Bastian are the Gustatory Champions and Paedric is Bardic Champion of Seawinds
  • Kaitlyn is Archery Champion for Bryn Gwlad. This means that we have 3 archery champions here: Kaitlyn, Thorne (children's champion), and Francois (Stargate - we'll claim him, he practices with us)

Herald: (given by Paedric)

  • We were thinking of doing a new shire badge with a mushroom on it, but we already have the allotted number for a shire. So we looked at the 3 we have (Populace, Stargazers, A&S Champion) and decided to get rid of the Stargazers and A&S Champion badges. We'll try to pass the Stargazers' on to HL Sorcha, who was in the Stargazers way-back when they were active.
  • Paedric is working on a drawing and color combinations for the new badge and will bring them to the meeting next month to be viewed by the populace

Archery Marshal:

  • The bees/wasps should be gone, and we should have new archery butts for practice this Sunday
  • We will continue with Royal Rounds. Those from last month were sent on (if used period arrows, bow, etc.).
  • Need to get more targets

Rapier Marshal: (given by Seneschal)

  • Crowley won the list at Bryn Gwlad last weekend, but the champion was B&B's choice, and they chose someone else.
  • The rapier fighters were away at another practice tonight

Chivalric Marshal:

  • Rhodri bought the new lights, still needs to buy the extension cords. Everyone (including rapier folks) really appreciates the taller lights - they don't get blinded every time they look back toward the viewing stand
  • Need a new marshal, will be stepping down soon

Web Minister:

  • There are new rules coming down from Corporate, including that we are now to be called Web Ministers, not V. Scribes. Those of us at the local level don't really have to worry too much about it until the rules are final and the Kingdom changes their rules.
  • I've added an archery page, and will add an "Activities" bullet so you can find the web pages associated with any of the activities that end up with a web page.
  • I'll also be adding a photo gallery as soon as I get the time together to do it.


  • Need to have Financial Committee Meeting after Populace to approve 2009 Financial Policy and Budget
  • Took receipt of Check Requests from Rhodri and Bastian for gear bought for the Shire



  • Only about 3 regulars. Will have more after we find some period instruments for them to play


  • Have been having 10-12 (with 1-2 newcomers) every week
  • On the 8th (this Sunday), we'll see if we can get Peronelle to come and teach us some Italian dances
  • There will be no Dance in December, since we can't get any rooms in the MSC


  • Last month was Italian, we had wine and torte and a lot of other tasty things
  • This month (11th) is apples. Come on out and help Anna with the food prep for Queen's Champion


  • Nov 18th at Kaitlyn's house

  • The MSC will not allow us to book rooms during finals, so the December Populace meeting will be at Anna's (Isabelot's) house
Other Business:

Queen's Champion

  • Anna needs help with food prep on Tues, Nov 11, so go to cooking if you can
  • Bastian will need help at the event doing the breakfast tavern: Breakfast is choice of bread (pancakes, biscuits), choice of egg (eggs to order), and choice of meat (bacon, etc.), with OJ, coffee, hot water (for tea/hot cocoa), and cider (?)

Fall Ball

  • Bastian has run into a snag with the Small Hall. The clubhouse in Hearne does not schedule events until Jan 1, so we can't reserve the hall until then. We'll try again and see if they'll pencil us in and give us an estimated rental fee
  • Once they give us a rental cost, Bastian will submit a budget for approval
  • Should this be our on Calendar event? No, we'll pay for an advertisement in the January Black Star. This means that we can't give any Kingdom-level awards, but we can give Shire awards
  • Since it worked out so well at Siege, we'll be having a dance with live music at the event. The dancers and musicians will get together over the next month or so and decide what songs will be performed. We might have a Dance Competition


  • We would like to go to BAM as a group and camp together, there will be a shire lunch next Monday (10th) at 12:30pm at Star Buffet to discuss the logistics. It will also be discussed on the list if you can't make the lunch

Gulf Wars

  • We would also like to go as a group to Gulf Wars and camp together, but we will discuss it after BAM

Radio Interview

  • We've been offered a radio interview at a local radio station. Bastian will check into the legality of this with Corporate and then he and Juan will do the spot. If you would like to be included in this interview, contact Juan or Bastian

Next Spring

  • We'll meet at GattiTown after Archery Practice on Sunday, Nov 9th (Alex's birthday party) to discuss what will be going on in the Spring semester

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