Help Wanted

I will not be able to attend Gulf War this year, but I would VERY MUCH like to hear what Happens there. To that end, I would like to hire any and everyone in the Shire as a WAR CORRESPONDANT. If I get ten or more usable submissions, this may become a monthly feature of TSK.

Anyone who submits a War Report will receive largesse and word fame. The top three submissions will receive one-of-a-kind framed illuminations. Deadline to be eligible for prizes will be April 25th. Early submissions before March 25th will receive BONUS LARGESSE. Prizes will be awarded at the May 5th populace meeting. Largesse will be given upon receipt.

I am not too particular as to what form submissions might take. Anything from a detailed AAR/Ops debrief from some of our military minded rapier fighters to a 2nd grade essay on “How I spent my Spring Break”, (hello, Alex?) and everything in between. Songs, photo essays, sketches, all good. An account of the fighting, Chivalric or rapier, with enough detail to be worked into a bardic piece could get you a co-author credit (maybe someday…) A piece submitted in the form of a Norse Saga (think Beowulf) or iambic pentameter (like Shakespeare) or rhymed couplets in Middle English (Chaucer) and ... wow, I might be able to make you famous.

Specific topics that might be covered include:
  • Combat reports, especially great deeds performed by Shadowlanders on the field.
  • Awards, especially if given to Shadowlanders.
  • Outcome of the War Points. (Anyony want to bet it is a tie?)
  • A funny thing happened on the way to… (War, the listfield, Merchant’s Row, 5 corners, camp, etc)
  • Classes
  • Shopping
  • Anything else you might think is worth writing about.

Please note that these are just suggested topics, and your War report need not (and probably should not) cover all of them.

Y’all have fun at the War, but don’t forget to let me know how much fun you had.

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