The Shadow Notes

The Shire of the Shadowlands and The Shadow Knows, along with all of Ansteorra, mourn the passing of one of our own, Don Christoforo Antonio Passavanti, who started here in the Shadowlands some 20 years ago.

Congratulations to Conner McGillivray, winner of the Rapier Tiny Tourney at the Fall Ball. The not-so-tiny tourney had 17 entrants, more than some baronial championships.

Congratulations to Stephen Crowley, our former Queen’s Champion, who commanded the winning team in the rapier melees at the Fall Ball.

I would love to see someone else’s name besides mine in the Table of Contents. Submissions of art and articles cheerfully, nay, gratefully accepted. See the HELP WANTED ad on page 10.

There will be no guild meetings, fighter practices, or much of anything else between Fri. Mar 13 and Sun. Mar 22. Go to War!

Because of AggieCon, there will be no music or dance practice on Sun. Mar 29.

Cooking Guild will likely be making final preparations for War at the scheduled Cooking guild meeting Tues. Mar 10. Additional Cooking Guild meetings will be held after War to prepare for Defenders of the Rose. Please plan to come help the Roses feast steward, Lady Isabelot, prepare for this large feast.

Sir Rhodri is still out of town. In his absence, Lord Bastian, his deputy, is running chivalric practices.

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