Shadowfire Outfitters

Equipping Shadowlanders for War since XXXVI

Since I will not be attending War this year, I have a good deal of equipment available if anybody wants to use it.

  • One large tent, suitable for 1 or 2 with lots of stuff, or 6 – 8 with a little stuff. Tent comes with ground cloth and (optional) rain tarp with support poles. Rain tarp is oversized and can provide ~ 6 ft. deep front porch. Total assembled size approx 25’ x 20’ with rain tarp, 18’ x 12’ without tarp. The tent is NOT very waterproof, I would recommend using the rain tarp.

  • One short cloak, red wool, very warm.

  • One great cloak, reversible, red and blue corduroy.

The wool cloak, being wool, is naturally somewhat water-repellant, and will help retain warmth even if soaked through. The corduroy great cloak, not so much, although it could be scotch-guarded before war to help it repel water.

Any or all of these items are available for rent, for the low, low price of one (1) event report for any or all (see Help Wanted Ad on page 10) and one (1) Gulf War souvenir per item.

Of course, I would expect all borrowed items to be returned in a condition similar to that in which they were loaned… otherwise, there will be cash involved.

I also have other camping equipment, garb, and accessories which may be available on an as needed basis. If you need to borrow a belt, pouch, mug, camp stove, or anything along those lines give me a call, 979-492-9959, and I’ll see what I can do.


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