Officer Reports

From the Seneschal

No report submitted

From the Treasurer

Everything seems to be going well. For those of you who bought supplies for the Ball, if it was a budgeted expense (decorations, certain food items) please hand in a Check Request Form to either Bastian or myself. If you will not be claiming reimbursement, please let us know. I would like to close out the budget for the Ball soon. Thank you.

Lady Catan

From the Web Minister

Hello, everyone. I am still trying to find the time to upload pictures to Flickr; I'll let you know as soon as there are any pictures to go see. Other than that, there's not much going on. As always, if you have anything you want listed on the Calendar or the web site, let me know.

Lady Catan

From the Archery Marshal

Archery Practice is Sundays from 1:00 till we get tired (usually at least 2:00) at Austin Colony Park. The shire does not have a formal archery marshal at the moment (Im an at large, not a local) and if anybody would like to apply, the position is accepting applications. Loaner equipment is available, so please, come out and have some fun with us.

Lord Bastian

From the deputy Knight’s Marshal

Chivalric Fighter practice is Thursday night, officially starting at 7:30, but most often I am there at 7:00 to start getting set up and suited up. We have 3 sets of loaner amour right now, so come out and give it a try. In March, there will be no practice the week of the 15th.

Lord Bastian

From the Chronicler

I’m BAAAAACK! That’s right, after a break of almost 10 years, I’m back as the Chronicler of the Shire of the Shadowlands and Editor of The Shadow Knows. You may notice a new feature in this edition, a cartoon called “Pryess the Unexpected.” Y’all are the chosen few. The REST of the kingdom will have to wait until April for the debut of “Pryess the Unexpected”.

After my last stint as chronicler, (two years of begging, then pleading, for submissions,) I am going to try something new… BRIBERY! See the help wanted ad on page 10.

I would like to thank Lord Bastian and Lady Catan for their computer assistance, and all the officers who submitted reports for submitting reports.

Lord Paedric

From the Minister of arts and Sciences

We have had a slow start to the semester, mainly because of room issues for music and dance. Music and Dance are taking place every Sunday evening in the MSC. Check the yahoo group and the website for room and time information. Cooking is happening every second Tuesday of the month at 7pm at Isabelot's house. If you need directions, ask on the list. There is interest in having a scribal guild. At populace, Mondays sounded like a good day for those interested. Those interested need to post to the list and discuss when and where this is going to happen. On another note, drumming might restart in conjunction with music guild. More details hopefully will be discussed on the list.


From the Historian

Now that I, er, the Chronicler, that is, has his hands on the shire Chronicler’s files, including the collection of back issues, I am going to start writing a narrative history of the Shire of the Shadowlands. I know not all the information I want is going to be in the old issues, but it will at least give me a starting point. If anyone has information on the Shire’s origin, name, device, first slate of officers, first event, etc., I would really appreciate it if you could send that information along to me. I am hoping to have at least a concise edition ready by Ansteorra’s 30th Year Celebration this summer, with a more expanded version to follow at a later date. Thank you in advance for all the useful information I am sure y’all will be sending me.

Lord Paedric

From the Herald

No report submitted

From the Rapier Marshal

Greetings Shadowlanders!

All practitioners of the art of defense and anyone interested in learning about it should join us for our weekly fighter practice at 7:00 on Thursday evenings at Simpson Drill Field behind Texas A&M University's Memorial Student Center. Visitor parking can be found in the University Center garage on the other side of the MSC. We are currently averaging about fifteen participants per rapier practice, so come join the fun!

Please note that there will be no rapier practice on March 19th because many of us will be attending Gulf Wars.

Additionally, my office is open for applications through Saturday, May 2nd. In order to apply, you must fill out the application for office ( and send it along with a copy of your SCA membership card and your fighter authorization card to the Southern Regional Rapier Marshal and the local Seneschal. I would greatly appreciate it if you would also send me a courtesy copy. You MUST be an authorized rapier marshal in order to apply. If you are not an authorized marshal and would like to become one, please contact me.

Be safe, have fun, and I'll see you on the field!

Lord Diederic Andrieszen
Shadowlands Rapier Marshal

From the Hospitaler

No Report submitted

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