The Shire of the Shadowlands' new Achievement of Arms

This is the NEW, registerable, soon to be official, Achievement of Arms of the Shire of the Shadowlands, as voted on at the February populace meeting. Downloadable full color and line drawing versions are available at the Shadowlandssca yahoogroups page.

Please note that this drawing is not THE official Achievement, but is my depiction of the Achievement. If you do not like my art, or if you would like the Achievement drawn in a different time period or regional style, please feel free to do so, making sure to use the elements listed below:

It consists of the Shire arms, surmounted by a visored helm affronty (facing forward). The Crest is a mushroom Or (yellow), the mantling is Or semy of mushrooms sable (yellow with black mushrooms) and azure (blue). The torse, (that stripy thing between the helm and the crest) is Or and azure (yellow and blue). The motto is Latin, "In Umbra aut Luce, Virtus" which translates to "In Shadow or Light, Honor."

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